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All of our yoga classes are gentle, mindful and healing in nature, which is why they are referred to as mindful movement.  Anyone of any level can participate, but especially anyone who has never practiced yoga before.   

Class Schedule

Sunday:  11am - Soulful Gentle Yoga Movement

 with Alaina

A gentle flow style practice where poses move softly from one to the next. Variations and modifications are offered throughout the class allowing for the practitioner to honor their own practice. The last part of class the focus is on peaceful relaxation. When you leave you will feel rested and strong.   Appropriate for all level

Tuesday: 5pm - Urban Zen Restorative

with Joan

This unique restorative practice is comprised of complementary modalities to enhance and
support relaxation, manage and alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress and pain in the body. We
will begin with easeful movement to help move stagnant energy and tension out of the body
before relaxing into restorative shapes that are supported by props such as bolsters, blankets,
blocks, etc. Guided breath and body awareness meditations will assist you in quieting the mind
while Reiki and pure and natural essential oils are offered. Reiki energy will flow throughout
this practice and hands on Reiki will also be an offering. The soothing sounds of Tibetan bowls
will guide you into Savasana. Many participants describe experiencing a deep sense of peace
and calm during and after this practice, not to mention a good night’s sleep.

Wednesday:  10:30am - Gentle Yoga Movement

with Michelle

Release tension and cultivate ease through gentle movement in this one hour gentle yoga class.  Moving through poses with the rhythm of the breath allows the body, mind and spirit to come back to balance.  Guided meditation will be offered during the last 15 minutes of class.  Appropriate for all levels.


Wednesday:  6pm - Gentle Yoga Movement

with Kelly

Gentle movement with gentle breathwork class that encourages inner calmness and peace and increased flexibility.  Perfect for all levels, especially beginners or anyone who wants to try yoga for managing stress and anxiety.  This gentle class helps align and balance the mind and body creating more space for self-care.


Saturday:  9am - Slow Flow Saturdays 

with Denelle

This slow flow will allow you to merge breath with movement, focusing on your perfect expression of the poses.  We'll begin with breathwork, incorporate essential oils, and end with a guided meditation, allowing you to center yourself, explore what your body is capable of, and leave feeling refreshed. Modifications and variations will be provided, making this class perfect for students of all levels.

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