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Studio Policies

● Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes before class begins, especially if you are
new to yoga and/or the studio.  Anyone new to the studio will need to fill out the Liability Waiver form. 
● When you arrive for classes please remove your shoes and place them in the shoe cubbies in the lobby area. Socks are fine until practice begins, practice is done in bare feet/socks with tread.
● Please register for classes online by our website, or download the Wellness Living app to your phone (this option is currently pending).
● Turn off all electronic devices once entering the studio.
● Please enter the practice space quietly – many people come to class a few
minutes early to de-stress from the day and prepare for practice.
● Wear light, comfortable, non-restricting clothing, and keep in mind that all classes are co-ed.
● Please do not wear perfume or scented lotions in the studio as many people have allergies.
● Savasana is the most important posture in the practice, please try not to skip it. If you must leave early please take a moment for final relaxation. (At the beginning of class, please let the instructor know if you have to leave early). Keep in mind savasana can be practiced in a seat, on belly, etc. eyes open or closed.  Instructors will be encouraging and respectful of your choices.
● It is discouraged to practice on a full stomach. A light snack an hour or so before class is fine. Hydrate before and after class.
● Inform your instructor of any medical conditions or injuries that you may have.
Examples include high blood pressure, herniated disk, joint/muscle injuries, etc.
This information will assist the instructor in modifying postures. Please let your
instructor know if you are pregnant prior to class. This information will be kept in
● Listen to modifications that your instructor offers and do not push yourself too hard, this is for your own safety and the safety of others in class. Please let your instructor know if you are brand new to yoga.

● Please bring props to the studio (mat, blocks, blankets and straps). We have do not supply mats, but have a limited number of blocks, blankets and straps that can be borrowed. Please clean borrowed props before returning them with provided cleaning supplies.
● For the safety of the community, please do not come to class if you are feeling ill.
● Please book at least 2 hours in advance for your class, and if you need to cancel a class please do so at least 4 hours in advance.  There are no refunds on classes for no show. You can contact the studio within 24 hours of the missed class to transfer it to a credit for a future class.
● The studio has a zero tolerance policy for gossip, hate speech, or other boundary violations. The studio encourages students to report (anonymously if desired) any such incidents to management. Please be kind, and trust us to handle situations guided by the ethical principles that keep yoga safe and accessible to all.

***Policies subject to evolution and revision.

Liability Waiver
Do you have a health concern that would prevent you from participating in this practice?

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