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My Story

Denelle came to yoga in her twenties when she realized she wasn’t as flexible as she used to be.  

Over the years, she has been on and off her mat as life has gotten in the way, but she committed to getting on her mat regularly when she began caring for her parents.  Motivated by the physical manifestations of the stress that being a caregiver brought and the belief that she can avoid the physical limitations that her parents have experienced by moving her body, Denelle started practicing consistently. 

Denelle completed her 200 Hour YTT at Align Yoga and Strength in March of 2022 and has gone on to complete her Second Degree Reiki Training in the Usui Tradition as well as earn a certificate in Yin Yoga.   

As a high school teacher, Denelle knows all about taking deep breaths and trying to balance all the things, so her classes focus on functional movement, savoring the moments when it all comes together, and being kind to yourself with a dose of humor and some essential oils thrown in. 

A self-described tree hugger, Denelle can talk all day long about the environment, reads for pleasure whenever she has a chance, and gets lost in the meditative qualities

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