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My Story

Joan guides students that come to their practice with compassion, joy and love. She
encourages all to explore and honor their inner guidance and follow the wisdom of their
own hearts. Joan has taught various styles of yoga throughout her 20 years of
teaching and is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Works and Yoga Shanti
Urban Zen), EquiYoga Certified Instructor, Certified Earth Horse Energy Healing
practitioner, Reiki Master and formerly a BASI (Body of Arts and Sciences) Pilates
Comprehensive Certified Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Crossfit
Joan learns every day from her passionate work with horses who support humans on
their path to peace and self growth as they accept the present moment with grace.
She shares in leading equine assisted learning and therapy sessions with the support of
yoga, meditation and sound healing at a not for profit equine farm that specializes in
supporting those with symptoms of PTS and others on their path of recovery from
addiction and who seek higher states of physical, mental and emotional health.

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